Since 2015, the Kodiak Klassic Scholarship Fund has contributed over $30,000 in scholarships to graduating athletes who have competed in the tournament.   Applicants were required to demonstrate service, leadership, and volunteerism in the school community; character, work ethic, and sportsmanship on the basketball court; and scholastic success in their senior classes.  It was through the generous support of our alumni – and local businesses – that we were able to provide this fund.

A huge thank you to the following alumni families and local businesses for their generous donations to the Kodiak Klassic Scholarship Fund over the years: Dr. Stan Heinrichs, the Clough family, the Liski family, Queen Charlotte Lodge, Atlas Power Sweeping, My Passion Media, Douglas College, Tru Earth, and Basic Goods Trading Company.

Additionally, we’d like to thank Chad Clifford and Pasha Bains of Drive Basketball, for their continued support of the Kodiak Klassic and KK Scholarship Fund.

2021 Kodiak Klassic Scholarship Recipients:

  • Daniel Ahn, Walnut Grove
  • Nick Yang, Centennial
  • Shane Mander, Tweedsmuit
  • Ethan Baron, Churchill
  • Nick Margharitis, Vancouver College

2019 Kodiak Klassic Scholarship Recipients:

  • Hunter Cruz-Dumont, Vancouver College
  • George Horn, Handsworth
  • Riley Merryweather, Belmont
  • Leif Skelding, Centennial
  • Jordan Clough, Heritage Woods

$1000 Heart of the Kodiak Scholarship Winner:

  • Chris Moon, Heritage Woods

2018 Kodiak Klassic Scholarship Recipients:

  • Jacob Mand, Terry Fox
  • Michael Risi, Holy Cross
  • Jerric Palma, St. George’s
  • Arjun Samra, Tweedsmuir
  • Arshia Movassaghi, Heritage Woods

$1000 Heart of the Kodiak Scholarship Winner:

  • Gavin McMahon, Heritage Woods

2017 Kodiak Klassic Scholarship Recipients:

  • Luke Adams, Walnut Grove
  • Bradley Braich, Yale
  • Jack Cruz-Dumont, Vancouver College
  • Majok Deng, Byrne Creek
  • Justin Knowles, Heritage Woods

2016 Kodiak Klassic Scholarship Recipients:

  • Luka Lizdek, Kitsilano
  • Owen Keyes, Kelowna
  • Jaden Touchie, Oak Bay
  • Thomas Venos, Heritage Woods
  • Kenan Hadzovic, W.J. Mouat

2015 Kodiak Klassic Scholarship Recipients:

  • Colin McGrath, Kelowna
  • Joel Klammer, W.J. Mouat
  • Myka Tang-Blumenschein, Oak Bay
  • Matt Clay, Heritage Woods
  • Alex Asperin, Holy Cross