Past Champions

  • 2022 – St. Patrick Celtics (Head Coach: Nap Santos)
  • 2021 – Burnaby South Rebels (Head Coach: Mike Bell)
  • 2020 – ** CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 **
  • 2019 – Burnaby South Rebels (Head Coach: Mike Bell)
  • 2018 – Bishop O’Byrne Bobcats (Calgary, AB) (Head Coach: Joe Petrone)
  • 2017 – Brentwood College (Head Coach: Blake Gage)
  • 2016 – Walnut Grove Gators (Head Coach: George Bergen)
  • 2015 – Kelowna Owls (Head Coach: Harry Parmar)
  • 2014 – Burnaby South Rebels (Head Coach: Mike Bell)
  • 2013 – Heritage Woods Kodiaks (Head Coach: Chris Martin)
  • 2012 – Heritage Woods Kodiaks (Head Coach: Chris Martin)
  • 2011 – Vancouver College Fighting Irish (Head Coach: John McFarland)

2022 Final Standings
1. St. Patrick Celtics
2. Semiahmoo Thunderbirds
3. Burnaby South Rebels
4. Vancouver College Irish
5. St. George’s Saints
6. Enver Creek Cougars
7. Kelowna Owls
8. Heritage Woods Kodiaks
9. Fleetwood Park Dragons
10. All Saints Legends
11. Brentwood College
12. Holy Cross Crusaders
13. Handsworth Royals
14. Belmont Bulldogs
15. WJ Mouat Hawks
15. GW Graham Grizzlies

2022 Tournament Champs - St. Patrick

Award Winners:

MVP: Irish Coquia, St. Patrick Celtics

Top Defensive Player: Torian Lee, Semiahmoo Thunderbirds 

1st Team All-Stars:
Isaiah Bias, Vancouver College
Greg Petalcorin, Burnaby South
Joey Panghulan, St. Patrick
Kaden Carrion, St. Patrick
Torian Lee, Semiahmoo

2nd Team All-Stars:
Will Hyland, St. George’s
Kai Rawnsley, Heritage Woods
Ajaypal Hayer, Enver Creek
Lordrik Gutierrez, Burnaby South

$500 Kodiak Klassic Scholarship Winners:
Aidan Lloyd, Heritage Woods
Kai Rawnsley, Heritage Woods
Yen Teng, Heritage Woods

2022 All-Kodiak Team

2021 Final Standings
1. Burnaby South Rebels
2. Vancouver College Irish
3. St. Patrick Celtics
4. St. George’s Saints
5. Churchill Bulldogs
6. Fleetwood Park Dragons
7. Semiahmoo Thunderbirds
8. W.J. Mouat Hawks
9. Holy Cross Crusaders
10. Oak Bay Bays
11. Tweedsmuir Panthers
12. Heritage Woods Kodiaks
13. Centennial Centaurs
14. Brentwood College
15. Walnut Grove Gators
16. Yale Lions

Award Winners:

MVP: Jimmy Zaborniak, Burnaby South Rebels

Top Defensive Player: Karan Aujla, Burnaby South Rebels

1st Team All-Stars: 
Cole Cruz-Dumont, Vancouver College
Irish Coquia, St. Patrick
Kaden Carrion, St. Patrick
Mikyle Malabuyoc, Vancouver College
Karan Aujla, Burnaby South

2nd Team All-Stars: 
K.C. Ibekwe, Centennial
Cole Bekkering, Semiahmoo
Ethan Baron, Churchill
Jack Vandenberg, St. George’s
Enrique Garcia, Vancouver College

$1000 Kodiak Klassic Scholarship Winners:
Daniel Ahn, Walnut Grove
Nick Yang – Centennial
Shane Mander – Tweedsmuir
Ethan Baron – Churchill
Nick Margharitis – Vancouver College

2021 KK Award Winners

Photo Credit: Shutter Hoops

2019 Final Standings
1. Burnaby South Rebels
2. Handsworth Royals
3. Kelowna Owls
4. Vancouver College Fighting Irish
5. Centennial Centaurs
6. Belmont Bulldogs
7. St. George’s Saints
8. Heritage Woods Kodiaks
9. Holy Cross Crusaders
10. Fleetwood Park Dragons
11. G.W. Graham Grizzlies
12. Lord Tweedsmuir Panthers
13. Seaquam Seahawks
14. Walnut Grove Gators
15. Semiahmoo Totems
16. Kitsilano Blue Demons


Award Winners:

MVP: Justin Sunga, Burnaby South

Top Defensive Player: Jonathon Haughton, Kelowna

1st Team All-Stars:
Dominic Parolin, Centennial
Jareb Pineda, Burnaby South
Karan Aujla, Burnaby South
George Horn, Handsworth
Matthys Van Bylandt, Handsworth


2nd Team All-Stars:
Jacob Holt, Vancouver College
Hunter Cruz-Dumont, Vancouver College
Zackary Watters, Handsworth
Leif Skelding, Centennial
Hunter Simson, Kelowna

$1000 Kodiak Klassic Scholarship Winners:
Hunter Cruz-Dumont, Vancouver College
Riley Merryweather, Belmont
George Horn, Handsworth
Leif Skelding, Centennial
Jordan Clough, Heritage Woods
Chris Moon, Heritage Woods

2018 Final Standings
1. Bishop O’Byrne (Calgary, AB)
2. Burnaby South
3. Terry Fox
4. Lord Tweedsmuir
5. Holy Cross
6. Vancouver College
7. St. George’s
8. Heritage Woods
9. North Delta
10. Kelowna
11. Byrne Creek
12. Semiahmoo
13. W.J. Mouat
14. Kitsilano
15. Centennial
16. McMath

Kodiak Klassic Champs

Award Winners:

MVP: Holt Tomie, Bishop O’Byrne

Top Defensive Player: Aidan Wilson, Burnaby South

1st Team All-Stars:
Nathan Petrone, Bishop O’Byrne
Jiordano Khan, Burnaby South
Arjun Samra, Lord Tweedsmuir
Kyle Kirmaci, Burnaby South
David Imegwu, Bishop O’Byrne

2nd Team All-Stars:
Suraj Gahir, North Delta
Arshia Movassaghi, Heritage Woods
Michael Risi, Holy Cross
Jacob Mand, Terry Fox
Olumide Adelodun, Bishop O’Byrne

$1000 Kodiak Klassic Scholarship Winners:
Jacob Mand, Terry Fox
Michael Risi, Holy Cross
Jerric Palma, St. George’s
Arjun Samra, Lord Tweedsmuir
Arshia Movassaghi, Heritage Woods

$1000 Heart of the Kodiak Scholarship Winner:
Gavin McMahon, Heritage Woods

#1 AA Brentwood College Takes 2017 Kodiak Klassic Title
By: BC Sports Hub

The final of this year’s Kodiak Klassic was unlike the previous two finals: it was a close game! Before the final between Brentwood College (Victoria, BC) and Bishop O’Byrne (Calgary, AB) most spectators expected another lopsided victory after the team from Calgary had been dismantling their opposition with a blend of intimidating size and crafty guard play. Unfortunately for the Bobcats, they were facing a team (the defending BC AA champions from Victoria) that looked a lot like they did. What’s more, Brentwood College came ready to play.

Right from the opening tip, Brentwood College seized control of the game. On offense, they were executing the “Flex” to perfection. Defensively, their length and misleading size forced the Bobcats into difficult shots and costly turnovers. By the end of the 1st quarter, Brentwood had built a 10 point lead.

In the 2nd quarter, the Bishop O’Byrne team found some openings from outside as well as some timely high-low passing lanes to tie the game at 31 to close the half. As the 2nd half began, Brentwood College reasserted themselves and rebuilt their 10 point lead.

The 4th quarter was where the game got really exciting. The Bobcat’s 5’6 guard, Alonzo Tan, began to assert his playmaking ability with several acrobatic jumpers and pinpoint passing. Tan’s effort was matched by Bobcat forward Jordan Carriere, who punctuated the mid-quarter comeback with a monster dunk in traffic. Holding on to a 3 point lead, Brentwood turned to Brendan Sullivan, who nailed back-to-back 3 point shots before pushing the lead back to 10 with a baseline drive right into the teeth of the Bobcat defense.

Fortunately for the fans, this wasn’t the end of the team from Calgary. With his team down by 8 with about 3 minutes left, Bishop O’Byrne guard Holt Tomie took over the Bobcat offense. With crafty fakes and up-and-under moves, Tomie single-handedly brought his team back to within 1 point. Unfortunately for him, and his Bobcat teammates, his efforts were not enough. With a failed, last second heave from just over center, the Bishop O’Byrne hopes fell as short as their final, desperate shot.

2017 Final Standings
1. Brentwood College
2. Bishop O’Byrne (Calgary, Alberta)
3. Burnaby South
4. Semiahmoo
5. W.J. Mouat
6. Handsworth
7. Heritage Woods
8. St. George’s
9. Walnut Grove
10. Kitsilano
11. Vancouver College
12. Byrne Creek
13. Holy Cross
14. Tweedsmuir
15. Kelowna
16. Yale

Brentwood College - Championship Photo

Award Winners:

MVP: Brendan Sullivan, Brentwood College

Top Defensive Player: Bruno Chan, Brentwood College

1st Team All-Stars:
Nathan Pasloske, Brentwood College
Holt Tomie, Bishop O’Byrne
Jordan Carriere, Bishop O’Byrne
Vlad Mihaila, Semiahmoo
Baltej Sohal, Burnaby South

2nd Team All-Stars:
James Woods, Walnut Grove
Ben Grant, Handsworth
Vince Sunga, Burnaby South
Arshia Movassaghi, Heritage Woods
Nathan Petrone, Bishop O’Byrne

$1000 Kodiak Klassic Scholarship Winners:
Luke Adams, Walnut Grove
Bradley Braich, Yale
Jack Cruz-Dumont, Vancouver College
Majok Deng, Byrne Creek
Justin Knowles, Heritage Woods

#1 Walnut Grove Gators Take 2016 Kodiak Klassic Title

#1 Walnut Grove went through the 2016 Kodiak Klassic field with relative ease despite playing without two of their starters, Brett Christensen (6’5″) & Andrew Goertzen (6’8″), who were committed to the Gators’ quest for a BC Volleyball title at the Langley Events Centre. Class of 2017 stars Ty Rowell and Jake Cowley were unstoppable as James Woods, Luke Adams and Alasdair Coyle filled in for the missing Gators. Despite a close game against the Holy Cross Crusaders, the Gators ran through the rest of their competition en route to the Kodiak Klassic title.

#5 St. George’s Saints were led by 6’10” F Jacob van Santen, guards Jon Mikhlin,  Justin Huang and Adrian Bacic. Despite going behind 20 points in their first round matchup against Lord Tweedsmuir, the Saints fought back to win 91-84 while taking down #7 Semiahmoo & #3 Kitsilano to earn a spot in the final game.

Having played with each other over the last few summers with their DRIVE club, everyone was expecting an exciting matchup between van Santen/Cowley and Mikhlin/Rowell. Christensen and Goertzen joined their teammates for the first time and while coming off the bench, their presence was immediately felt on both ends of the floor. Walnut Grove ran out to a 27-10 lead in the first quarter behind Cowley’s 10 points and 6 rebounds while Rowell added 9 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists. Adrian Bacic carried the Saints’ with 7 points as van Santen chipped in 3.

45 seconds into the second quarter, the lead was stretched to 36-12 and just before half the Gators led 47-17 after a Cowley coast to coast dunk. The Gators’ height was too much for the smaller Saints as they had 14 offensive rebounds in the first half and led 49-19 after 20 minutes behind Cowley (14p, 8r), Rowell (11p), Goertzen (6p, 8r) and Woods (5p, 5r). Bacic was held at 7 points but guard Jon Mikhlin added 6 points in the second quarter.

The Gators would continue to rebound and run their way through the Saints as Bacic did his best to score for his team but Walnut Grove had too much firepower. Late in the 3rd quarter Mikhlin limped off after a knee injury and left the Saints depleted at guard – Walnut Grove led 67 – 46 after 3. Although Walnut Grove took their foot off the pedal they continued to dominate the game and ended with a 92-65 win over the St. George’s Saints.

Walnut Grove: Cowley (18p, 10r, 3a), Rowell (19p, 3r, 3a), Woods (15p, 8r, 3a), Christensen (12p, 9r), Goertzen (9p, 8r), Coyle (8p), Adams (4p)

St. George’s: van Santen (18p, 11r), Bacic (18p, 1r), Mikhlin (6p, 2r), Huang (2p, 3r)

Walnut Grove’s Path to the Championship
Sweet 16: Walnut Grove 81 – #8 Holy Cross 71
Elite 8: Walnut Grove 86 – HM Terry Fox 56
Final 4: Walnut Grove 91 – #6 Burnaby South 76
Championship Game: Walnut Grove 92 – #5 St. George’s 65

Article provided thanks to Yash Zandiyeh of He’s the Head Coach at Killarney Secondary.

2016 Final Standings
1. Walnut Grove
2. St. George’s
3. Burnaby South
4. Kitsilano
5. Kelowna
6. Vancouver College
7. Terry Fox
8. Semiahmoo
9. Holy Cross
10. W.J. Mouat
11. Yale
12. Lord Tweedsmuir
13. Oak Bay
14. Heritage Woods
15. Killarney
16. Port Moody

Award Winners

MVP: Jake Cowley, Walnut Grove

Top Defensive Player: Diallo Oballa, Kitsilano

1st Team All-Stars:
Jacob van Santen, St. George’s
Ty Rowell, Walnut Grove
Jusuf Sehic, Burnaby South
Jon Mikhlin, St. George’s
Mason Bourcier, Kelowna

2nd Team All-Stars:
Vince Sunga, Burnaby South
James Woods, Walnut Grove
Luka Lizdek, Kitsilano
Sam Bailey, Vancouver College
Josiah Mastandrea, Terry Fox

$1000 Kodiak Klassic Scholarship Winners:
Jaden Touchie, Oak Bay
Owen Keyes, Kelowna
Kenan Hadzovic, W.J. Mouat
Thomas Venos, Heritage Woods

#1 Kelowna Dominates En Route to 2015 Kodiak Klassic Title

Making their first trip out of the Okanagan, #1 ranked Kelowna Owls got through their first tournament with relative ease. Powered by 6’9″ Team Canada member Grant Shephard (2017) and a deep roster led by 2016 grads Matt Lafontaine, Davide Ciancio, Parker Simson, Colin McGrath & Nav Sandhu, it was clear Kelowna wanted to make their mark. In the semi-final game against #4 Kitsilano, Shephard was unstoppable inside as he dominated with 42 points & 19 rebounds as Lafontaine (16p, 6r), Simson (16p, 4r), McGrath (11p) and Ciancio (11p, 4r)

The Churchill Bulldogs, ranked #2 & 2014 Provincial Champions, came into the tournament without their starting centre, 6’6″ Matija Gabrillo, but had their core of 2016 standouts: Karn Virk, Harry Liu, Lambert Pajayon and Izaiah Ugoalah. In Friday night’s semi-final Churchill took down 2015 Provincial Champs, Yale, 89-85 to give us our first match-up between #1 and #2.

Liu was tasked with guarding Shephard and came out of the gate on fire as he scored 12 first quarter points with Kelowna’s lead at 25-18. However, in the second quarter it was 2017 6’3″ G Mason Bourcier and Lafontaine that carried the Owls with latter going on an individual 7-point run. Bourcier had 16 points in the first half as Kelowna extended their lead to 57-37. Despite Liu knocking down two 3s to kick off the second half, the Owls kept getting transition points as Simson was getting to the hoop at will. Virk and Liu did their best to keep Churchill in the game but it wasn’t enough for Kelowna’s all-around scoring as the Owls maintained their #1 status with a 113-93 win.

Kelowna: Lafontaine (25p, 8r, 2a), Sandhu (15p, 2r), Shephard (17p, 9r), Simson (15p, 5r, 5a), Bourcier (25p, 6r, 5a), Ciancio (4p, 3r, 2a), McGrath (9p, 1r, 1a), Keys (4p, 3r)

Churchill: Liu (41p – 9 3PM, 7r), Virk (32p, 9r, 1a), Payajon (6p, 4r), Ugoalah (8p, 3r, 1a)

Kelowna’s Path to the Title:
Round of 16: Kelowna 95 – HM Killarney 38
Elite 8: Kelowna 106 – #10 Terry Fox 59
Final 4: Kelowna 117 – #4 Kitsilano 93
Championship Game: Kelowna 113 – #2 Churchill 93

2015 Final Standings
1. Kelowna
2. Churchill
3. Kitsilano
4. Yale
5. Terry Fox
6. Oak Bay
7. W.J. Mouat
8. St. George’s
9. Holy Cross
10. Killarney
11. Panorama Ridge
12. Port Moody
13. West Vancouver
14. St. Francis Xavier (Edmonton, AB)
15. Vancouver College
16. Heritage Woods

Award Winners

MVP: Grant Shephard, Kelowna


Outstanding Defensive Player: Harry Liu, Churchill


1st Team All-Star:
Mason Bourcier, Kelowna
Luka Lizdek, Kitsilano
Harry Liu, Churchill
Karn Virk, Churchill
Riley Braich, Yale


2nd Team All-Star:
Tamikah Otanga, Yale
Matt Lafontaine, Kelowna
Myka Tang-Blumenschein, Oak Bay
Jonas Serrano, Terry Fox
Jon Mikhlin, St. George’s


Article provided thanks to Yash Zandiyeh of He’s the Head Coach at Killarney Secondary. Photos provided by Paul Czene.

2014 All-Kodiak Team:

Tournament MVP: Jermaine Haley (Burnaby South)

Top Defensive Player: Matt Gray (Oak Bay)

1st Team All-Stars:

  • Cordell Parker (Heritage Woods)
  • Liam Hancock (Terry Fox)
  • Harry Liu (Churchill)
  • Jauquin Bennet-Boire (Yale)
  • Matt Gray (Oak Bay)

2nd Team All-Stars:

  • Chris McAlpine (Vancouver College)
  • Tyus Batiste (Burnaby South)
  • Jomari Reyes (Terry Fox)
  • Matthew Horsley (St. Ignatius’ College, Australia)
    Alex Mayrhofer (Oak Bay)

2014 Final Results:

  1. Burnaby South
  2. Oak Bay
  3. Terry Fox
  4. Heritage Woods
  5. Vancouver College
  6. Yale
  7. Churchill
  8. St. Ignatius’ College (Australia)
  9. Pitt Meadows
  10. Mt. Boucherie
  11. Tweedsmuir
  12. Panorama Ridge
  13. Kitsilano
  14. Holy Cross
  15. West Vancouver
  16. Centennial

Provincial Championship Connection:

Six out of the eight quarter-finalists at last year’s AAAA Provincial Championship had competed in the Kodiak Klassic earlier in their seasons, including both provincial finalists.  Here is a comparison between the Kodiak Klassic results and the Provincial Championship results:

Teams 2015 AAAA Provincial Championship 2014 Kodiak Klassic
Yale Provincial Champions 6th place
Terry Fox Provincial Runner-up 3rd place
Churchill 4th place 7th place
Burnaby South 5th place Kodiak Klassic Champions
Oak Bay 6th place Kodiak Klassic Runner-up
Lord Tweedsmuir 7th place 11th place

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